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Since 1993 he has been the President and Medical Director of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation in Tucson, Arizona, the original voice in the integrative medical approach to the prevention and treatment of memory loss.
In 2003, Dr. Khalsa spearheaded a research study of SPECT Scans Before and After Kirtan Kriya Meditation on healthy subjects, in conjunction with the Amen Clinic (UCI Irvine, CA).
In 2006, Dr. Khalsa became Associate Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the School of Medicine.

In May 2003, Dr. Dharma testified before Congress about his pioneering work in the area of lifestyle influence on Alzheimer’s disease, and called on Congress to fund a national education and outreach campaign designed to inform the public of the benefits of an integrative medical approach to Alzheimer’s. After testifying, he had a private meeting with the Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona, M.D., to discuss the public health challenges of this disease. At that meeting Dr. Carmona voiced strong support for Dr. Dharma’s work.
An ordained minister and yogi, he is the author of the international best sellers Brain Longevity, The Pain Cure, Meditation As Medicine, Food As Medicine, The Better Memory Kit, The New Golden Rules, and The End of Karma.


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